Chips Break

The poker gods were kind to me last night. I was short stack for such a long time. During the first half of the game I played poorly and paid for it. I just kept losing my chips.

I managed to hang on to fourth place for quote a while, and ended up being backed into a corner. I was at a point where either I had to go all in, or I would be forced to play a few weak hands to get enough to make a surge. I went all in at the right time, got lucky, and doubled up.

My odds were getting better, but I was still the short stack. I caught another break, and was dealt a JK. The flop was a nice 10QA. Ooooh, I just had to ensure I didn’t chase everyone away. Thankfully I caught one guy who had a pair of queens, and he went all in. I called, and won the hand. From there on out I was the chip leader, so I was able to play with a bit more comfort, and ended up knocking out the remaining two players.

Quite a fun night. I always need to remember to play smart, and to trust my gut. Most times when I try to convince myself to stay in the hand I end up losing. I also need to remember that it is never too late to fold, regardless of how much I have already put in the pot.