Account Busy

This post is an account of my day yesterday. At the time it didn’t really seem like I had done a lot, but when I tally all the chores and activities, holy smokes, I was busy.

  • I got up to feed the dog (I played Poker the night before)
  • discovered Sprout had what looked like Pink Eye so I took him to the clinic to get checked out (also meant we missed our first day of Sportball)
  • picked up sandwich platter for a baby shower at our house
  • dropped off Sprout’s prescription
  • walked Yoshi with Sprout
  • picked up drugs
  • went for lunch with Sprout
  • went on a photo shoot
  • made some dinner
  • got Sprout bathed after dinner then into bed
  • did some dishes
  • cleaned up Sprout’s toys

Productive day.  It was a good thing I had the energy to do this since now Sox has come down with a cold and has no energy for all this.  The Pink Eye also means Sprout is not in daycare today, and since Sox is sick, I  have been on duty for him today too.

Today (so far) we:

  • got up and had some breakfast
  • walked Yoshi at the park in the wagon
  • went to a coffee shop for snack time
  • had a nap while dad did some computer stuff

Sox had a conference call which is why we got out of the house for a bit.  Busy times, but the great thing about that is that it goes quickly, and I feel great when I reflect on how much I got done.