Frozen Fern

Yoshi and I went for a walk at Thetis yesterday. Victoria has been cold here for a few days but I was still surprised to see the amount of ice on the lake. In fact, upper Thetis lake was completely frozen over. Yoshi didn’t really pay any attention to that fact, and certainly had a good romp.

At one point he needed a drink, and had to crunch through the ice to get to the water. He was a little confused by that. I can’t imagine how cold the water must have felt, but there he was standing in it drinking!

The overcast sky ensured that the forest was a surreal green. I found this one old tree that was covered in moss and ferns. Very cool. I was on a timetable though, so I didn’t hang around too long taking pictures. We had a birthday party to get to!

The walk wasn’t as long as Yoshi needed, but it did the trick. Today I hope to get him out again.