Gas Choice

I forgot about the big news that on Feb 1, all gas in BC is now pre-pay. Since I always use a credit card, and pretty much always pay at the pump, this is a non-issue.

Apparently not so for some people. The Times Colonist did a story about the changes, and there was a priceless quote:

New regulations took effect midnight Thursday at B.C. service stations and some motorists didn’t appreciate them. Count Dolfi in that camp.

“It’s an imposition,” said the Victoria woman as she pumped $20 worth of gas into her tank. “I feel like I have no control over my life whatsoever, no choice.”

Uhh, a change in how you pay for gas means you have no control over your life? That is an odd thing to say. I hope the lady was saying whatever she could to get quoted, or she was misquoted/taken out of context. That is quite a reaction.