Island Troupe

In the summer while the kids were off of daycare, Elliot declared that his dog stuffie named Island was having a birthday. Sue asked him if he wanted to have a party, and offered to make cupcakes. Since it was warm out, we had the cupcake party outside.

The cupcakes that I iced. Not a professional by any means.

Elliot and the guest of honor.

Some of the other guests, Jingles and Ribbit.

Amy and her troupe of guests.

At one point a neighbour was out working in her garden and smiled at us. I offered up a cupcake but she declined.

Police Trap

I saw something interesting, funny, and awesome on our drive to Nanaimo on Christmas. As we were pulling out of Victoria we saw a police car parked at the side of the highway. Figuring a speedtrap I checked the speedo and I was fine.

As we passed the car, Sox and I were baffled when we saw noone in it. The car just parked there sure made everyone slow down.

A little ways down the highway there was another police car parked in the middle median that was also empty. A third one was by the Costco exit in Langford, also empty.

Figuring the next one we see will be the actual speed trap I made sure I wasn’t speeding. We got out to Goldstream and hadn’t seen any other police cars.

Just North of Goldstream in the Southbound lanes is where we saw the trap. There was one police car, yet at least four officers. There was also at least a half dozen cars pulled over getting tickets. All on Christmas day.

Maybe they were getting warnings? I can just see the police driving out parking their cars strategically, then car pooling in the last cruiser out to Goldstream.

Checkout Advance

Last weekend I did some grocery shopping at Thrifty’s. I got to the checkout and the people in front of me had filled the belt. No big deal, I just waited while the clerk rang through their items.

I got a good chuckle out of the customer’s reaction though. The clerk rang things through, and created a big space in front of the scanner. A single onion was left behind which was blocking the beam, and not allowing the belt to advance.

The lady in front of me was trying to be helpful and create some space for my items. If I were in that situation I would lift the onion and let the belt advance. This lady had another idea. She moved every single item of hers forward. Not just once either, twice.

I was tempted to say something, but I didn’t want to ruin the humour.

Actually Calling

What a strange night last night. As Sox and I were falling asleep, our cat Aphro decided she needed to puke all over the floor. Twice actually.

Later, I heard Sprout calling, and as I jumped out of bed, I saw it was 4:50am. I went in to his room to see what was wrong. He asked me to put his pants back on him. For some reason he no longer had his PJ pants on.

While technically not last night, when I got home for work I found that Yoshi had puked all over his chair. Just an odd set of things to have happen in less than 24 hours.

Gas Choice

I forgot about the big news that on Feb 1, all gas in BC is now pre-pay. Since I always use a credit card, and pretty much always pay at the pump, this is a non-issue.

Apparently not so for some people. The Times Colonist did a story about the changes, and there was a priceless quote:

New regulations took effect midnight Thursday at B.C. service stations and some motorists didn’t appreciate them. Count Dolfi in that camp.

“It’s an imposition,” said the Victoria woman as she pumped $20 worth of gas into her tank. “I feel like I have no control over my life whatsoever, no choice.”

Uhh, a change in how you pay for gas means you have no control over your life? That is an odd thing to say. I hope the lady was saying whatever she could to get quoted, or she was misquoted/taken out of context. That is quite a reaction.

Message Wrong

This was a voice message left for me this morning. I thought it was pretty hilarious, and so did Sox. Yes it was a wrong number, no I am not going to call him back and correct him.

What kind of a message is this to leave anyway? I mean, the question he asks in the middle makes sense if you are talking to someone, but not in a voice message left on a machine. Too funny.