Swampy Forgotten

I took Yoshi out for a nice walk yesterday. We ended up at Colquitz river park. It is a nice small park that I quite enjoy. The terrain is pretty easy, but there are several micro environments that are quite different. There is a swampy river estuary, a dense forested area, a wide open field, some scrub brush, and even a weird area filled with tiny trees that Yoshi loves to run through.

The grasses are dried out now, and rustle in the wind. I love their chaotic, yet repetitive patterns. From far away large bunches will sway back and forth, but up close they are such a jumble of growth.

The light was a bit weird in the forested area.  It isn’t a thick canopy but it still filtered out the light making it seem darker than it really was.  The overcast sky meant there was a nice even light on the undergrowth, which did help me out a bit.

Nearing the end of the walk we came across a beagle that was on leash. Yoshi went and said hi, then trotted off into the scrub chasing imaginary birds or something. The beagle sat down and looked toward where Yoshi had disappeared. The forlorn look on the face of this dog will not soon be forgotten.