Drop Superstition

Last night was number 38 for me. The blood donation went smoothly like always. I am actually looking forward to making donation 50. If I go 5 times a year, that is still over a couple years away, and I know I won’t be going 5 times in 2008.

One of the first things the do is test the iron level in the blood. The lady that testing my iron level thought she would have to squeeze my finger a lot to get a decent drop of blood since my hands were so cold. I quipped that I bleed well so it shouldn’t be a problem. Sure enough there was plenty of blood flowing and when she dropped the blood into the copper sulphate, it sank like a stone. That is a good thing.

Recently I’ve started going after eating dinner which hasn’t had any negative effect, other than having less room for cookies. 🙁 One thing that never changes is which arm I donate with. I always, always, always use my left arm. Almost every time I go I have to wait for a bed due to this, but I don’t care. It is almost a superstition, but I have never had a problem so why miss with success?