Ogden Ferry

Sunday I took Yoshi to the park. I had heard that the new ferry was at Ogden point, so I wanted to catch a glimpse of it. Actually, I wanted to go for a tour, but there just wasn’t enough time in the day for everything.

Yoshi and I did the tour of the park before being able to see the new ship. Meh, it looks like a ferry. Perhaps the inside is a little nicer. They are a welcome addition to the fleet though, since I know the Nanaimo, and Victoria runs are extremely busy. Being able to move more cars and people in the same amount of time is going to be great. I hope that they have a nice area on the car deck for pets, and I really hope they have somewhere to lock up bikes, not that I plan to walk on with my bike any time soon.

It was a nice walk, Yoshi had a great romp, and I got to take some pictures.