Vacation Things

Vacation update here. It has been a very busy week.

This past Wednesday I fired up our brand new gas powered weed eater. Holy smokes is it ever powerful and does an amazing job. Once I got it running I hit the twitchy gas trigger and the engine took off. When that happened the trim head also took off with the torque from the engine. The electric variety never do that. I also got through the trimming in no time flat. Awesome.

Thursday Sox had a dentist appointment so I had the kids for a little while. After dropping Sox off at her appointment, we headed to the mall to see the fish at the pet store. We then spent some time in the play area.. Later, I got out for a tiny ride to downtown to meet a friend for lunch. I also stopped at MEC for a bit of shopping. Since I was on my bike I wasn’t able to pick up the new tires I was going to get.

Friday I spent some time on the computer upgrading some software and I also did some yardwork. These are all some things that I have been wanting to do for a while, and it was nice to knock them off the list.

Vic West Fest was pm Saturday so we took Sprout and Beet out there to check things out. Sprout checked out the fire engine, played on the playground, checked out a smart car, and had a hot dog for lunch.

Mothers day I had plans to sneak out when Beet woke up and get Sox a morning Chai. Of course that morning Beet slept in and my plan was foiled a little bit. Everyone seemed to get up at the same time (8 am) and that is when I went out for coffee’s. After breakfast Sprout and I headed out to Kinsmen Gorge park to check out a new playground.

Yesterday Sox and Beet had some errands to run after dropping Sprout off at daycare so I had some more computing time (a nice way for me to relax), then did some more yard work. Sox, Beet and I then walked Yoshi and bought the week’s groceries.

Busy week, but extremely productive and satisfying.