Backup Expires

I bought a Western Digital My Book from Costco a while ago. We originally bought the 500 GB version, but before opening it, I returned it and upgraded to the 1TB version.

Today I finally got around to unboxing it. The packaging was very easy to open and everything inside was neat and tidy. I plugged in the drive, and when it powered up, it asked if I wanted to install the software. I said yes, after unchecking the crapware that it would have installed by default.

The backup software installed without a hitch.

The first hitch occurred when I ran the backup software. It was trial ware, and I could buy it now, or try it out for 30 days. Uh, 30 days? That seems like an odd trial period for back up software. I plan to backup once a month. That means I get to try their software once, maybe twice, before it expires.

I’ve been looking at open source versions of backup software, so I think I will try them out next time.