Overweight Popped

Thursday morning before workI took Yoshi for a walk at Macaulay Point. As we rounded a corner, I could see two other people walking dogs, one coming toward me, the other away.

The one walking away had a rather rotund mix breed that seemed interested in the other dogs. The owner was screaming at his dog to come (it was about 4 feet away). The lady walking toward me muttered something about maybe the dog would follow if it weren’t so overweight.

As I got passed the lady, the man was still yelling at his dog. I couldn’t help but think that if I was the dog I wouldn’t want to come to him either. The man backtracked and put the leash on the dog. As Yoshi and I got close the dog put on the brakes wanting to see Yoshi. The man tried to keep walking, clearly exasperated at his dog. As he tried to drag his dog, the collar popped over the dogs head.

I stopped and waited for the man to retrieve his dog. I actually crouched down and the dog came up to say hi. The owner never said a word to me even when I said Hi to him. With the dog on leash, Yoshi and I continued on our way, happy to be past that miserable man.