Playoffs Dead

Ulti playoffs started tonight, and our game was at 6. The warm up was … warm. The weather here was heating up over the past couple days, and tonight was the culmination of that. The wind was non existant though, so that made for some excellent playing conditions.

We were raring to go, but the other team failed to show. Only one of their players showed up on time. We were told that we would get a point every 2 minutes that they couldn’t field a team.

By about 6:15 or 6:20 we could finally play 6 a side ulti.

My game was horrible. My legs felt dead and I just couldn’t get up to speed. Maybe I was over heating, but even wetting my hair didn’t help. I couldn’t keep up to my check, and I couldn’t cut, nor get out of the way of plays. I felt like I was taking up space on the field. Fortunately I was throwing pretty good, and I was able to make a few catches.

We were up 6-3 (not counting the points gained from no team) and we were feeling pretty good for ourselves. Then we relaxed or something. They clawed back, and when time was called it was 6-6. They scored the final point.

It was a win for us, but I left the field deflated. I just didn’t enjoy that game at all. It probably didn’t help that we played at Uplands School fields. Those fields aren’t getting watered this summer, so they are hard and dry. I have multiple blisters on both feet.

Bleh. There is always next week.