Meandering Obstacles

I got out for a ride today that was just fantastic. It was raining, which I wasn’t looking forward to, but it was still somewhat warm. My friend and I took a meandering route through the park that had a few technical challenges, but was still a good for cardio. I may not have been out for a while, but my body still remembered how to ride.

I suppose my playing Ulti this summer helped me a lot. When you aren’t concentrating on how hard you are breathing, you can concentrate on the trail. My legs felt plenty powerful so I could still power over small obstacles and rocks.

It felt great to be on the trails, and to catch up with my friend. Socializing has always been a big part of my riding and today was no exception. We didn’t run into too many people due to the weather which was neat since it felt like we owned the trails.

I was wearing a jacket to keep warm, but that always traps my body heat soaking me through. I was still working up a good sweat and every time I looked down water was streaming off my helmet, down my face, and off my nose. A few times my eyes were stinging with sweat. My hands were feeling particularly wet, and I was able to clench a fist and see water streaming to the ground.

Wet rides will always be special to me. Some of my best and favorite rides are in the wet.

Arriving home I unloaded my gear, grabbed a quick shower, then had lunch with the family. What a great Sunday morning.