Morons Double

More morons spotted.

Tuesday Sox was driving me to work. After crossing the blue bridge we could see a taxi double parked dropping someone off. There was no traffic, but as we approached, it pulled out cutting someone off.

Another guy, learning from example, put on his hazard lights and stopped in our lane. Sure enough he wanted to let someone out of his vehicle. As Sox passed she honked at the guy for blocking the lane.

He then honked back a few times at us. Then without turning off his hazard lights he pulled back into traffic, nearly hitting a couple cyclists! Revoked!

Then, on my way home yesterday, I had an advance left turn light. As I was making my turn, I could see a guy in the opposite direction turning right, which happened to be where I was headed. It wasn’t close, but he was looking the wrong direction for traffic. I layed on the horn to scare him, and scared he was. He jammed on the gas and had a very surprised look on his face. Once he was straightened out, he put on his signal and pulled off to the side of the road. It was all I could do to not laugh too hard.