Sunshine Drivers

I rode my bike into work today. I got dressed expecting it to be as chilly as previous mornings, but I got less than a block from home and realized I was over dressed. I unzipped as much as possible, and enjoyed the sunshine on the ride.

Until the morons emerged.

The first dipshit passed me while we were approaching the train underpass right before the blue bridge. It is a 30 km/h zone, and I was actually doing 40km/h. Dipshit passes me, barely gets in front of me, then slowed down. Grrr.

Across the bridge I made my way over to Fort street, went up there and turned right onto Blanshard. I was going to turn left onto Broughton, but there was some traffic so I opted to keep going to the next street. Until dipshit lady came into the picture. She wanted to turn right onto Broughton, so she passed me, slowed down with her right turn signal on, then stopped and looked at me. She was still in the right hand lane of Blanshard.

I hate, hate, hate it when people do this so I stopped, unclipped, and looked back at her, waiting for her to leave the scene. Aargh, why do people do this weird shit?

A perfect day for a ride ruined by dumb drivers.