Camera Improvement

I’ve been saving for a new lens for my 20D for quite a while now. I recently changed my mind and decided to buy a new camera body to replace the 20D, sell the 20D, then use that money and start saving for another lens.

I had settled on Canon’s 40D, and as I was getting ready to make my purchase I started to hear rumors of a 50D.

Sure enough the 50D was released and now I don’t know what to do. Do I still buy a 40D expecting that it’s price will drop? The 40D was a definite improvement over my 20D, but the 50 is even better than the 40.

Right now I am leaning towards the 50D. I might even go for the 50D plus a kit lens that I can sell that lens with the 20D to increase it’s value. I know someone who might be interested in my 20D body but I have no idea how much I should sell it for.

What is a photographer to do?