Escaped Free

Last weekend I returned 2 dogs to their rightful owners. Although this might seem like something that would be out of my way, the dogs had actually escaped from their yards as I was walking past with Yoshi.

The first one was a very friendly little dog named Petal. The gate to Petal’s yard was open and she came out to say hi to Yoshi, then me, then Sprout. I didn’t actually see Petal escape, so I called the number on her collar, and the owner came out of his house to usher her back to the yard.

The next day I was walking Yoshi up to the grocery store, and a block away from Petal, another dog came to say hi to Yoshi. Bruno saw Yoshi, and lunged at him excitedly. He was tied to the stairs, but something broke and Bruno was free. The owner was on her deck playing a guitar and I called up to her to let her know that Bruno was free.

2 days, 2 dogs. Pretty funny.