Apples Picked

I harvested as many apples as I could from our tree today. It hadn’t produced anything in a few years, but we had it pruned last spring. I think that made a big difference.

Sprout has been pretty excited to eat the apples off the tree. I knew they were ripe when the squirrels started taking them from the tree and eating them. This picture shows what I picked today and doesn’t have the 25 or so Sox snagged this morning for applesauce, nor does it show the few here and there we picked for eating.

This yield could have been much bigger too, but there was a big wind storm yesterday that knocked a lot to the ground. That is the bad part of procrastination. As I was gathering, the ground was alive with slow, lethargic wasps eating the apples on the ground, and some of the ones in the tree.