Stressful Month

I haven’t really posted about this here yet, but the move is on. We have been in the process of buying a house recently, and the deal was finalized yesterday.

This was an interesting process, and definitely not like what I would have thought it would be. Intense, stressful, protracted, and in the end, satisfying. We are very excited by our new place and in some ways can’t wait to be in it. We will still be in Esquimalt, which was something we were hoping for, and the house is perfect for us (save some obvious updates needed).

There is the rub. We take possession in one month exactly. Between now and then we need to decrapify, sell old stuff we no longer need, pack, clean, and move. Lots to do, and really not a lot of time.

I called our landlord tonight and gave notice to him. That did not go well. He knew we were looking for a place, but was unprepared that we would find something so soon. When I told him we were looking, he mentioned that he was going to put the house up for sale, so I am not entirely sure why he was so surprised we found Anyway. A new place to live is definitely cause for celebration. If only there was time for that 🙂