Enormity Everywhere

A new morning routine is in the works. A little over a week ago we moved. I’m pretty excited about the new place but there is still a ton of work to be done.

The move itself was pretty smooth, but that was a weekend full of back breaking manual labour. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and beer, then we shlepped boxes to the new place. Saturday was an all out move fest. The movers came and grabbed as much stuff as they could then emptied their truck at the new place. Meanwhile our cleaning lady did her magic at the old place, but we had a limit on her time. Then I started the final clean of the rest of the house. The sunroom and basement needed a lot of attention, and so did the carpets throughout. When all was said and done the place looked almost like it did when we moved in.

The next day the enormity of the move hit us. Boxes everywhere. Looking around the house I began to feeli like maybe it was too small. As furniture got place I started seeing quick and striking differences. Very quickly the house felt like it was big enough. Now that we have been here a week, I know that it was just the clutter everywhere that made the house feel tiny.

One of the things about the house that we loved was the lack of carpeting. Hardwood throughout, and nice, old hardwood at that. Of course, hardwood doesn’t damp the sound, and our dog has long claws. And likes to get up at 6 am. And our new yard isn’t fenced.

So far the new morning routine involves one of us (usually me since I am awake) jumping out of bed at the first Yoshi noise. Then he eats, and gets a quick pee in the yard by himself. Then we take him on leash around the block so he can work out number 2. Of course it is still cold and dark out, and I would much rather be laying in my nice warm bed.

The house is awesome though. Much quieter neighbourhood, still close to all the same amenities, and so far, great neighbours. The second night we were in the house our neighbours to one side came by and welcomed us to the hood and brought a lovely tin of home made chocolate chip cookies. 🙂 A very nice welcome indeed.