Unusual Work

Friday was an unusual day for me. Sue woke up feeling very under the weather. She had picked up whatever bug the kids had, so I needed to stay home from work and help with the kids.

Sprout and I ended up having a very enjoyable day together which was a great way to spend what should have been a work day.

We started off with a walk at Highrock Park with Yoshi. This park is close to our new house, and is an off leash park. There is also an amazing viewpoint looking out over all of Victoria. We could see downtown, the arena, the breakwater, Gorge Vale Golf Course, and the navy base. Sprout pointed and reminded me that last year we went to the base, got on a bus and did a tour of the Christmas lights. He even pointed to the correct parking lot we boarded the bus. That boy has an amazing memory.

Later in the day we played in the back yard for a bit. I got him a toy golf set a while ago, but we ended up playing hockey with it. We passed the ball to one another, and he had some pretty good accuracy. Every once in a while we had to get off the ice and go sit on the bench to watch the zambonie. Yes, he has a very active imagination.

Right before dinner Sprout then helped me fix his train table that got a little broken during the move. Some bracket screws got ripped out of the particle board. I was able to rig together a fix for it, and with Sprout supervising, we got the job done. He was quite happy to get the table back in action.

He was in such a fun mood all day, and I got to do all sorts of fun dad things with him.