Update Addresses

I am trying to update some of my addresses now that I have moved. Telus Mobility has a site for managing your account, but I couldn’t find a place to edit my address. I can see my address details. I decided to look for help.

From telus mobility’s “How Do I” site I clicked on Address Change:

Address Change

When should I inform TELUS Mobility of my new address?
As soon as you know your new address, you should let us know. We’ll ensure your invoices and any communication from us will be sent to the correct address. Remember, you can only change your address after your first bill cycle is complete. If you need to change the address sooner, please contact us.

Can I change my address to a non-Canadian address?
No, TELUS Mobility’s Self Serve application only accepts Canadian addresses.

Why should I enter my e-mail address?
We can quickly update you on our latest promotions, contract/renewal offers, and network and service enhancements. We want to make sure you get the most out of your experience with TELUS Mobility.

Wow, that was so unhelpful. Thanks a lot Telus.