Moving Constantly

We moved a little over two weeks ago and something about that weekend keeps rattling around in my mind.

Moving was stressful, tiring, and a lot of work, but it was extremely satisfying. I worked my butt off all weekend long. I moved boxes, directed people, cleaned floors, swept, cleaned carpets, and even did some minor yard work. My hands felt pretty wrecked by the end of the weekend, and the rest of my body didn’t fare much better either. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, strains, and aches. Thankfully I didn’t do anything to my back.

Being able to see the accomplishment was pretty cool. Friday afternoon we were still packing boxes, Sunday afternoon the house was completely empty, and completely cleaned.

The flipside to working so hard was that for the whole weekend and a few days afterward I was constantly hungry. I felt like I was eating all the time yet still felt hungry.