Slamming Drift

One of the exciting moments (Yoshi puking in the truck doesn’t count) during the Ikea trip came on the drive back to the ferry. I narrowly avoided colliding with another car at high speed in the rain. The near miss gave such an adrenaline kick that I needed to pull over and let the muscle tremors wear off.

What happened was some idiot cut us off. Said idiot had cut me off once before when he merged onto the highway right before the Massey tunnel. For the first incident he was in the right lane, and just moved into my lane without checking. I layed on the horn while slamming on the brakes. That was no big deal.

After the tunnel highway 99 exits onto highway 17 which takes you to Tsawwassen. Jerko was in the right hand lane of the 2 exits lane. It is raining quite hard and as we take the exit and round the corner he starts to drift toward my lane.

I was keeping an eye on him from the first incident to avoid him. Slowly he moved back to his lane. Partway around the exit ramp a left turn lane opens to go North on 17. Dipshit then decides he wants to go left and crosses my lane to get over to the left turn lane.

Our vehicle bumpers were definitely overlapping. Instantaneously I was on the brakes, on the horn, and cranking the wheel to avoud hitting him. All I could see was the front right corner of my truck aiming for the left rear wheel. Somehow I avoided him, and I was lucky there was noone to my left.

The other driver continued on like nothing happened, but I had to pull over to regain my composure. It was way closer that I am comfortable with. I estimate that I was within a couple feet of his car, but Sox felt I was closer. Either way, I was proud of my situational awareness, my reaction, and my defensive driving.

I do wish there was a way to report drivers like that. Maybe there is, but I don’t know it, and I certainly didn’t write down the other guys plate number.