Yesterday Meatballs

Yesterday Sox and I had a pretty good day. We got up at an ungodly hour (5:30 am) got ready, and scrammed for the first ferry of the morning. We were on our way to Ikea, and our child minders were already on scene.

With coffee/tea in hand we were free to our own devices. We had a list of things we needed to get from Ikea for our new place so we were on a mission. Arriving at the ferry terminal it was quite a treat to be able to sit in the truck and relax. We both got to read quite a bit without interruption.

Our ferry was the Coastal Celebration. Gotta say I am pretty underwhelmed by the new ship. It felt small inside. I had thought that the Coastal ferries were bigger than the Spirit ferries, but after reading the stats I see that I was wrong. Anyway, the Coastal ferries have a strange layout that is very different than any of the other ferries I have been on. Very compartmentalized and no open space. Didn’t try the food, but it all looked the same.

Once on the mainland I was really glad I brought my tarps. It was pouring pretty hard and was windy. We got to Ikea jus before they opened and it wasn’t too busy yet. We got shopping and by 11:30 had all the items we had come for. We stopped by the cafeteria for a meatball lunch (mmmmmmm) then got ready to leave.

Things took a turn for the worse here. We paid for our stuff and on leaving the store could see that the parking lot was a madhouse. Nuts I tell you, just nuts. Sox waited with our stuff in the loading area, and I dashed through the rain to the truck. The windows were all fogged up from Yoshi so I started the truck up, and put the windows down. After a couple minutes I went to put the truck in gear and felt something gross on the gear shift. It was dog puke. I looked back at Yoshi and he had puked in the truck, then had been laying in it. Poor dog. He was not feeling well. Course we didn’t really have anything to clean this up with. I drove the truck over to where Sox was and gave her the lay of the land. We cleand up as best we could then started loading our purchases into the truck.

The toolbox got stuffed with a lot of things but the furniture was going in the back. I layed one doubled up tarp down on the bed, loaded up quickly, then doubled up the second tarp on top. It was crazy cold and we were getting rained on. I didn’t do the greatest tarp job and soon realized I’d have to fix it. I started scanning for some cover and figured we should drive somewhere to some underground parking. We started driving, and eventually found a hotel that had something that worked for me.

With everything secured we beelined for the ferry (more on that later) and spent another 1.5 hours relaxing. It was a fun day, but now I have the task of putting everything together (kinda fun actually).