2008 Photography In Review

Now for one of my more enjoyable posts I make: the annual photography year in review.

I struggled photographically this year. I didn’t realize this until recently as I started looking back through 2008. I didn’t get out with the photo club, and I only made a few purpose photo expeditions. I was very busy this past year with my son, the arrival of my daughter, my return to Ultimate, and moving.

I still took a lot of pictures though, but most of them are of my kids and aren’t what I typically include here.

I think that for 2009 I am going to try and rekindle my photography skills. I am very proud of the work I do when I make time for photography. I need to do that more.

On to the pictures.


I spotted this stand of trees while out for a walk in Beacon Hill park after a friends birthday brunch.


A lonely stark tree.


A self portrait taken during a rest stop on one of my few mountain biking adventures.


Some pretty flower around Thetis Lake. Gorgeous in real life, yet extremely difficult to photograph.


A trip I took to Kinsmen Gorge park explicitly to take pictures.  This was one of my favorites of my shoot and it was of some kind of over grown weed.


Canada Day fireworks.  This was shot from Macaulay Point Park. There were a lot of people in the park watching the show.


My cat Aphro hiding behind a tomato plant on the deck of our old place.


One night while in Nanaimo visiting my mom I saw a spectacular sunset forming. I grabbed my gear and headed down to the beach to capture the colors.


A paused Snowbird.


My daughter during our pumpkin hunt.


A dreary day at Elk Lake saw myself, Yoshi, and my daughter going for a walk. There wasn’t much to capture that grey day.


A wonderful snow sunrise captured from my backyard.