Done Momentum

This past weekend was a good one. A couple weeks ago Sox and I created a 3 page to do list of things left to do from our move. Lots of things can be very daunting (something I learned when reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done). The list was huge. It was daunting. It was easy to avoid doing anything.

Sox and I made a pact though. We decided that each day we would choose three items from the list to do. On the weekend we got quite a few items done and that felt great. It gave us momentum. Actually, it gave me hope that we can get through the list.

Things I did in the past few days:

  • child locks on kitchen cupboards that needed it
  • tightened loose knobs
  • anchored nearly all kids furniture to the walls
  • changed freezer door direction
  • fixed a broken toilet paper holder
  • fixed cupboard next to dishwasher so my daughter can’t open it
  • took useless mirror off bathroom door
  • hung hooks for towel on bathroom door
  • hung hooks on bedroom door

Tonight I plan to anchor a bookcase in our kitchen, fix a gate that Yoshi had chewed, and affix the cable cord to the baseboard. The last one is the hardest since I need to do that one before the kids get to sleep. I already did one thing too: got the jogging stroller wheel fixed (hopefully).

First I need to stop at the hardware store for some supplies.