Incident Ring

I got a voicemail at work today from Sox. There was an incident at home today, and our son dropped Sox’s wedding ring into the sink, and it went down the drain. It was an accident, and Sprout was very, very apologetic.

I headed home pretty quickly to retrieve the ring before anything could happen to it. Sox had locked the bathroom door so no little hands could add water to the situation.

I stopped at Rona to pick up a pipe wrench. I knew that I didn’t have anything that would fit the situation.

At home the job seemed pretty simple. Adjust wrench to the correct size, apply to nut, turn nut, remove trap, retrieve ring. Step three is where it went bad.

Whomever tightened the nut last time must have been strong since I could not budge it a bit. Either that, or everything was corroded tight. The whole drain pipe assembly was moving around, so I held it as tight as I could. Then the pipe ripped in half like it was a paper tube.


Good news was that I recovered the ring, bad news is that I now need a plumber. Thankfully we know one.