Pi Crime

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. As I was working I saw the monks walk by my office. These monks were from the Order of Pi. I had seen these monks before, but this time they were destined for the office.

2 people were charged with crimes. The first pie got bounced around quite a bit (whomever is accused can protest their innocence by paying at least x + $5 where x is the cost of the pie directed at the previous person). The final recipient was another Greg, since he didn’t want to pay $45 to bounce it to someone else. The original bounty on the pie was $10, so that pie raised $145 for the charities.

The second pie’s original bounty was $10, but bounced to another person by paying $20. She bounced it to me adding another $5. I had no cash and no means of paying, so I was deemed guilty. My crime? Spending a month in New Zealand.