Rusty Guiding

The ulti game was pretty decent tonight. I hadn’t played the last couple weeks, so I felt a little rusty in the game. During the warm up my throwing was fine, even with the windy conditions, but my catching was atrocious.

During the game my catching got better (thankfully). I was doing well tonight. I handled a fair amount and made some good passes, even guiding some of the newer players on where to go, then throwing the disk to them.

I caught at least one point, which always feels great. I made some good defensive plays, even getting an excellent D block at one point. I did get burned a couple times on defense, but I couldn’t run 100%. I even managed a halfways decent pull to start a point.

I felt like I was cutting pretty well, but sometimes I had to stand still while the mess in front of me cleared. It seems whenever that happens I get yelled at by a couple of the veterans. I can’t run forward since someone is cutting in front of me, and someone from my team is also cutting behind me. It is a mess.

The zone cuts are definitely starting to sink in with me. Putting on the zone, and me being mid-mid I am not entirely comfortable with but I am getting better. I get the first position correct, but I always screw up when the person forcing the handler changes. All of a sudden I am out of position and have to hussle to get back in position.

My biggest goof of the night was I totally screwed up a force. I knew the force was away, and when my check got the disk I put on the force hard and didn’t waver. Unfortunately I was facing home, and by the time I realized what I had done (after having more than one person yell at me), it was too late and the other team had scored a point because of it. Now, to explain a little bit, with the direction we were playing, the force normally would have been home to make the thrower throw a flick. We reversed it so the catchers would be facing the sun, and also hoping that a backhand throw wouldn’t have enough spin to cut through the wind.

Anyway, fun game, good team. We lost by a little.