Cellphone Charge

We did eventually figure out what to do with our dead cellphone. We couldn’t decide on sticking with one phone, or getting a second one. Further to that we were trying to decide if we should stick with Telus or not.

In then end we stuck with Telus and got a second phone. I looked at 18 months worth of previous bills and decided that changing plans would work out fine for us and we could safely give up per second billing (all Telus’ plans now are per minute billing).

The process itself at a Telus store was pretty simple. We ended up with and awesome service tech and he totally hoked us up. After a few stressful moments due to tired and unhappy kids we were out of the store new phones in hand.

I don’t even know what phone Sox chose, but I chose a Samsung Slyde m540. I’d read a few reviews of it, and I liked the feature list. The extra $30 cost was negligible to me. The address book is excellent, the call quality superb, the phone has a nice feel to it.

When I got the phone the tech set me up with a sweet phone number. When I got my first bill, I noticed a $25 customer number bill. The tech never mentioned this charge to me. I did know about all the other stupid, inane, grab as much money as they can fees, but this one was never mentioned to me. I called up Telus and thankfully the person I talked to reversed that charge.

So far I am very happy with the change. Sox and I can more easily coordinate picking each other up, and have less coordinating with our cellphone use. Plus, with the family plans, there is unlimited calling between our two phones anywhere. Finally, it’s nice to have a geek toy with me all the time again 🙂