Horrible Doozy

Last Thursday morning I woke up with the most horrible cold I have had in a long time. Turned out to be some form of flu. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I was flat out leveled by this.

I had no energy to do anything, I had a constant headache, I had a sore throat, no appetite, my ears were sore and my hearing extra sensitive, I had chills, but I didn’t have much of a fever.

As much as I wanted to help out around the house I physically was not able to. This meant my awesome wife did everything for the family. I cannot begin to tell her how much I appreciated everything she did.

When Monday morning rolled around and I still wasn’t feeling much better I made an appointment to see my doctor. After I described a couple of my symptoms he started to tell me that they don’t do testing for H1N1 anymore, which was something I was already aware of. He explained a couple things about H1N1 that I didn’t know, and suggested that I have a normal flu.

He checked me out and since my lungs were clear gave me the green light to go home and rest again. I mainly wanted to see him to make sure that what I had wasn’t something else. I also wanted to see if there were any precautions I didn’t know about to prevent spreading it within our family. The recommendations for home quarantine are pretty severe. I would have had to lock myself in the basement and not anyone in. If they had to come in I should have stayed more than 6 feet away.

Anyway, so far it seems like the precautions I have used have worked as noone else is sick yet. *knock on wood*

Today I feel like I am almost over with this sickness. I still feel sick, but there is a dramatic improvement from yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I can work a full day (from home).

Be careful out there, this one is a doozy.