Design Halloween

Yesterday my son Sprout helped me carve our Jack O Lanterns. Well, I did the carving. He helped me clean out one of the pumpkins while I did the rest. He also helped design the first one. By design I mean I showed him a website with some stencils and he chose one I could actually carve.

Anyway, here are the Jack O Lanterns that were outside our house for Halloween. The first one was Sprouts chosen design.

I’m very happy with how they all turned out.

I also have to say that Halloween in our neighbourhood was pretty lame. Sox and I figured we would have lots of kids coming by so when we were at Costco the other week we picked up 2 150 count boxes of candy. We had about 15 kids come by. They each got a big handful which was about 6 pieces each, meaning we still have 2/3 of what we bought. Woops.