Karma Driver

I got some good bus karma on the way home tonight. As was exiting the building when I left work I saw the bus I wanted to be on at the stop just down the street. I knew I would never make it in time so I started the heading to the next stop.

I sprinted as quick as I could while holding my bag in one hand. The bus passed me, but I held out hope that there would be lots of people at the next stop. Thankfully the intersection I had to run through was still green. The bus driver waited for me, and as I jumped on the bus I thanked her. She replied with “If you put in the effort, I’m willing to wait”. That was nice.

Once I got downtown I got off and walked over to my stop for the #6. I only waited a couple minutes when a bus rounded the corner. Awesome. I expected it to take 45 minutes to get home and I got there is just under a half hour.