Coffee Suggestions

On the weekend I had to buy some more coffee. I made the plunge and bought by first bag of decaf beans. I couldn’t find the Decaf Cliff Hanger Espresso by Kicking Horse coffee that I so dearly desired.

I opted for something roasted locally and chose the Fernwood Mile Zero Decaf. So far I am not enjoying the espresso shots I am getting out of this. Unfortunately for me I had a whole bag of this to get through before I can try something else. Maybe I should just grind it all and take it to work for my own special brew in the office. We have one of those single cup makers that takes a filter and grounds. This could get expensive trying to find a new favorite.

I might try the Decaf Espresso beans from Serious Coffee since I know they will sell by the half pound. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get great decaf espresso beans?