Decaf Drip

I learned something interesting about Starbucks recently. Actually, Sox learned this, and I have confirmed it. After I switched to decaf and I head out for a coffee I usually get an Americano.

What Sox learned was that after noon Starbucks no longer brews decaf coffee. If you order a decaf, they offer an Americano for the same price as the regular drip coffee. I’ve tested this a couple times, and as someone who likes Americano’s this is awesome.

Coffee Lottery

While cleaning up my work office, I found a pile of Starbucks cards hidden amongst the mess. Today I found another couple in my wallet. In all there were 8 cards, and I had no idea if any of them had anything on them.

I was at a @starbucks wanting a coffee anyway, so I asked the nice clerk to check them. Turned out one of them had over $6 and another over $4! Almost like winning the lottery.