Motorcycle Escort

On my way to downtown yesterday I got to see an interesting practice by the Victoria police. I was on Esquimalt road waiting to cross Tyee when a motorcycle cop roared up the hill with lights and sirens going. He then stopped in the intersection, got off his bike and stopped traffic in all directions.

Several motorcycles came ripping along acroos the bridge, and up the hill toward me (by ripping I would estimate 80-90KM/H). Then it dawned on me. Some of the royal family was in town. Hmm, I wondered where they were heading.

I got out my cell phone and got ready to snap a picture.

At the bottom of the hill I could see about 8 motorcycles coming, and they were going slow, and riding side by side. Behind them was a big police SUV, then nothing. As they proceeded past me I saw a sign on the back of the truck that said “Police escort, do not cross”. That was it though, no royal family sighting for me.