Staffers Painful

Yesterday I went out and did some clothes shopping. I’ve needed jeans for a long time, and now I need some nicer clothes for interviewing.

I though I would check out some of the higher end shops and get some help picking out something fashionable (something I am not). I started with Outlooks since they have a reputation. When I walked in there were at least four staffers wandering around, but noone greeted me. I looked at some of the racks, and one staffer walked right past me but never said a thing. From a store like this I expect impeccable service, but so far I got worse service than the Bay. I walked out.

Up the street was a store named Hughes. I went upstairs to the mens clothes and looked around a little, but again, the one staff member ignored me until I started to walk out of the store.

Since I needed jeans I headed over to the Levi’s store. When I walked in the store was dead, and the four staffers were at the front desk talking to a group of three friends. I browsed a bit, but didn’t really find anything. After a few minutes one of the staff people asked me if I was finding things, but I had already made up my mind to leave.

At Street Clothing I got greeted as I walked in the door. This was a good sign. I browsed the racks a little, but struck out finding something that I liked, and that was close to fitting.

Since it was in the neighbourhood I wandered into the Bay. Lo and behold I found some pants. I ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans, and a nice pair of pants and matching shirt. The staff there lived up to what I expected of them (which isn’t saying much).

I have always found clothes shopping a painful experience. Now it is getting to be something I dread. I easily get exhausted after a half hour of frustration. I hate browsing bargain racks looking for a gem. I’m also fairly particular about what I like, so I have a hard time finding clothes I like. This also means I can’t get someone else to do it for me. Frustrating.