LOTD – Green Possible

In recent years it has been very vogue to go green. More people think about it now which is awesome, but some companies now market their existing products as green. I try to do little changes to my life that over time can add up to a lot. Changing driving habits, refusing plastic bags as often as possible, reusing items when it is safe to do so. Every once in a while I come across a list that really makes me feel good about what I do.

This is one such list. 50 Ways to Help the Planet. When I first read the list I was suprised at how many of these I was already doing.

via Darren Barefoot

I ran across another list recently on reducing food waste. 50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again

For our family we don’t waste a lot of food because we do menu planning. For 95% of the grocery items we buy, we buy because we need them, and the other 5% are for sale items on things we use regularly. Still, there are some good ideas in there that I might like to try some time.