Prevalent Events

The H1N1 flu is prevalent in the media today. There is a lot of hype about it, and it is very difficult to know how concerned we should be. Lots of people seem panicked about it, others don’t seem to care. I think I am in the middle somewhere. I read what I can, and try to take as many precautions as I can. More and more I am using those purell stands that are popping up everywhere.

I’ve heard about some changes to children’s sporting events. In hockey everyone gets their own water bottles to try and stop passing around germs. That makes sense, is pretty reasonable, and is economical. In soccer, they are stopping the after game handshake. I’m not such a fan of that one.

This CBC article is hilarious. They propose dropping the traditional handshake, and instead adopting the fist bump.

The handshake, with its potential to transfer the flu virus, should be replaced with the safer — and more contemporary — “pound,” says the dean of medicine at the University of Calgary.

Meeting someone and not shaking hands does seem strange. This is a long standing tradition, and I cannot fathom how one flu strain would make us rethink age old traditions.

However, add in the post bump explosion and I’d be all over it.