Bottles Replacement

I had to make a quick post about some excellent customer service I received. We bought some water bottles for the kids at London Drugs. The brand was Innate-Gear.

These are stainless steel bottles that the kids can easily use. The only problem was that we somehow lost the little silicone valve piece from a few of them. We had three unusable bottles kicking around, so I thought maybe I should do something about that.

I went to their website and emailed about buying new valves. They sold replacement lids, but that would have meant recycling the old lids which were perfectly fine.

The lady that responded was very understandable, and sent us three replacement valves for free. This was awesome. Something I hadn’t noticed was that the bottle design had changed, and the valves for version 2 don’t fit in version 1 bottles. I’m hoping that I can get some more valves for those ones, or I can buy replacement lids barring that.

Anyway, the point was Innate-Gear has made me happy as a customer by simply mailing me some replacement parts for free.