Last Work

November 30th was my last day at work. I have voluntarily left two other jobs, and on both occasions it was a rather sad last day as I packed up my belongings and removed any personal information from the company computer.

Nov 30th was more sad for a number of reasons. I didn’t really want to leave. The people I worked with were awesome, and I loved the work I did. Sure, the company I was working for was starting to clamp down and institute from policies that I found rather distasteful, but the people and tasks were what kept me going.

That day I had nothing to do except pack and clean. Once that was done there was a final lunch with the gang, and then I loaded my truck and left.

My plan is to take the month of December off from work related activities. There are a couple opportunities that I plan to explore, but I am not launching a huge job search just yet.