Entertained Order

I am a little late in writing this up, but Christmas this year was a lot of fun. The kids were the centre of focus, and they certainly had a great time opening presents. This year Sox’s mum was with us on Christmas morning, then when she headed home, we loaded up the car and headed to Nanaimo to my mom’s place. We were there for a couple days, then it was back in the car returning to Victoria.

This past weekend we entertained more of Sox’s family. It has felt like a very busy time, but it sure has been wonderful to see everyone.

I had one regret this year though. I switched photo printers. I was using Kodak Gallery, but they have had a few issues as of late, so I though I would give @shutterfly a shot. I’ve heard they have excellent picture quality, and outstanding customer service. I placed my order on Dec 10 which was a little late, and the prints were sent on Dec 12. This should have been plenty of time to get them to me. I was going to use them to make calendars for my family. Unfortunately, I never got them. I called today and they are reprinting and resending the entire order. I am very dissapointed in this, and will likely just use Costco for time sensitive items next time since I know they are quick and their quality is fine. In the next couple weeks we will see if I am happy enough with Shutterfly to give them more of my non critical business.

For Christmas I got a couple DVD’s, a new sweater, some socks, a cool tshirt, and more that I can’t remember right now. Sometimes I feel old when I get excited about new socks, but Sox’s mum knits the most awesomest socks ever.

In all it was a lovely Christmas full of fun, family cheer, friends, food and drink. What more is there?