Fair Friends

We headed out to the Saanich Fair today with another friend and her two children. All the kids had a blast and did well sticking close to the adults and not getting lost. There certainly were a lot of people there. On our way to the car I thought it would be cool to get a picture of the sea of cars, but after getting the kids into carseats and hading out mini donuts, I forgot. Amazing that so many people can cram into such a tiny area.

Amy and Elliot even went on a couple rides today. The Flintstone’s cars were a big hit.

The tractors were also a big hit. The kids spent a good long time climbing over many of them. Elliot even figured out how to turn the hazard lights on.

Fun with friends.

Amy spotted these people doing acrobatics on horses. Wild stuff. Sue saw three people on one horse doing tricks.

Lunch time consisted of fries and ice cream. Mmm, excellent fair food. Sue and I had some Indian food which was excellent, then snagged a bag of mini donuts for the drive home.

There were two guys walking around in body suits, one was orange, the other purple. You can see them on the elevator drop ride.

One more ride on the Flintstone’s cars. This time with no adults. How do kids grow up so fast?