sony PDAI may have only had my Handspring Prism for less than a year, but I am already feeling the urge to upgrade. Sony just announced the first PalmOS 5 ARM processor based PDA’s for the market.

The Palm InfoCenter has some excellent info on them.

Sony Style has them listed for sale already. I might wait a little while to see if pirces fall a little. Then again … maybe not. 🙂 Stay tuned for more details.

Cohabitation Celebration

This past Saturday was the Cohabitation Celebration. “She” and I held our first party at our new place. It was a house warming of sorts.

We had a great time, and wish to thank all those that attended. Friends from in and around the city (and across the water) came by, ate, drank, socialized, then went home.

We had decided to make it a true potluck. It was quite fun to see what each person had in store for the rest of us. The amount of food was staggering. There were appies of all sorts, some main dishes (like lasagna, quesadillas and salmon), and a couple of desserts as well. There were no overlaps in what people brought.

The house DJ (me) was starting to do a poor job, so I handed my duties over to the guest DJ for the remainder of the evening. He did an excellent job, mixing up spinning some of my old school wax, and new school plastic.

Thanks again to all who attended.

Oozing with hypocrisy

I just had a very odd lunch break. I went downtown to look at biking shoes at the Bike Cellar. Across the street was a group of people protesting. There was a placard that read “Kids should not be used as a resource”. I took this to mean the group was opposed to child labor.

Unfortunately for them, a young child was holding the sign. I couldn’t help but laugh and think how hypocritical that was.

Also within a two block period I saw two news cameras taping news stories. Victoria feels like it is a big city now. 🙂 I never did find any shoes, but I did find a couple new CD’s at Lyles Place.

A night on the town.

Last night was tons of fun. I had heard a few weeks ago that Wide Mouth Mason was coming to town, so I after mentioning it to a few friends, I went down and picked up a few tickets. Last night was the show, so “she” and I went out to dinner with a couple friends to Santiago’s, then over to the show. The dinner was excellent! Santiago’s is a tapas bar, and between the four of us we polished off 2 appetizers, 6 main dishes and 1 dessert. Mmmm! You can read about the show here.

In the palm of my hand

Lately I have been having a hankering for some home development. Specifically I have been interested in doing some dev work for my Handspring Prism. My biggest problem is coming up with an original idea for an app. Who am I kidding. Forget the original part. I am having trouble coming up with an idea for an app that I would find useful enough to put time an effort into. Time will tell if I get anything good done. For now I will be storing useful info over on my Palm OS Dev section.

Glad it’s not me.

Driving to work this morning I saw all the kiddies walking to school. I must admit that I got a little nostalgic, and remembered my walk to school in years gone past.

In many ways I miss school, elementary, high school, and university. I don’t miss it enough to want to go back right now, but the nice thing about school is that every day is a little different, you are always learning new stuff, and there is a little more socialization possible.
Then there are the downsides: unreasonable deadlines, studying, tests, quizzes, exams, midterms, profs/teachers you can’t understand, the expense. Hmm, maybe working is better after all!

New sport

Well, this past weekend saw me and “she” visiting some friends who had rented a house for a couple weeks up on Lake Cowichan. The ski boat was there, and I got to try wakeboarding! What a blast. I managed to get up on my third try.

A few tips from some guys that had tried it, and I managed to get up my third attempt. I managed to make turns within the wake and was quite amazed at how much turning on a wakeboard feels so similar to turning on a snowboard.

I can’t wait to try it again sometime. When I do I will probably try getting outside the wake to see how that feels.

Back from the road trip

I am back from vacation, back to work, and fully into the moving thing. I am really looking forward to being in the new place. Moving is a pain, but the end result is going to be superb. The riding trip was excellent. 5 rides in three days. The trails were moind blowingly fun. The people were some of the nicest I have met. The accomodations were perfect. The weather was unbeatable. The bike was adequate. I really would have preferred to take the Bullit, but the Chameleon was more than up to the task. It even saw a bit of air here and there.