Supervisor Muttered

I’ve written about the National Do Not Call List before. I still get just as many telemarketers as I did before the list was in effect. Most of the callers are charities, and I’ve taken to telling them I don’t donate to anyone calling me. This gets me off the phone quickly, and doesn’t require me to hang up on someone just doing their job.

Last night though I got a different kind of telemarketer. The person I talked to mentioned something about a trip to Cancun. I immediately knew they were trying to sell me something, so I simply asked “How much will this cost me.”. The lady said she was passing me to her supervisor.

When the supervisor got on the phone I simply repeated my question on cost. His reply was normally this trip cost $2000, but that through their deal it would only be $499. Immediately I informed him that I was on the DNCL and that his company could be fined for calling me.

He muttered something about adding me to their Do Not Call list, but this got me to thinking. How am I supposed to report infringements against the DNCL? A quick perusal of the site, and I see there are instructions on how to report a complaint. Perhaps later today I will file that complaint.