Handling Sweater

Elliot is sure picking up on the skating with his hockey camp. This week they were working on puck handling, so they got to skate around with a puck quite a bit more than the other sessions.

One drill had them skate the length of the ice with the puck, then the next drill was to skate backwards the length of the ice with the puck.

Elliot sure has picked up the speed with his skating too. He can fly around the rink no problems.

I see some of his tumbles though and cringe. The landings look awkward and painful, but he always gets up and has never complained.

I think the kids’ favorite drill is the one where they skate from one end of the ice to the other as fast as they can, but do a superman slide at the far blue line. They always put the most effort into that one.

Elliot is the one on the far side of the ice in the red sweater.

Once the session is done and Elliot comes off the ice, he can’t wait to start stripping the gear off. He heats up so quickly, and he is only wearing shorts and a t-shirt under everything.

If you know Elliot, then you know how quickly he would have fixed his hair. 🙂

Amy very much enjoys coming to the rink to watch her brother play. I spend more of my time entertaining her, rather than watching him. Sometimes I enjoy that, other times I’d rather be watching them play.

Drills Race

Speaking of hockey. This past Monday was Thanksgiving, so there were fewer kids at hockey than normal. There were still quite a few there though, and they did lots of drills.

The kids were practicing their cross overs which was pretty fun to watch. Lots of pointers to the kids, lots of drills. Most of them seem like their legs are too short to be able to do it 🙂

Right before the scrimmage the last drill the kids did was kind of funny. They had a net race.

Hockey Watching

Today was Elliot’s first hockey session. We signed him up for a once a week season that teaches hockey skills. There are a couple games throughout the season, as well as a couple of parent nights, but it is mostly about learning skills.

I was very impressed with how hard Elliot worked at it tonight. Sure he fell a lot, but he always got up quickly and tried again. It’s no surprise, but he also listened really well to the instructors and did everything they asked. They did lots of skating drills, and ended the night with a scrimmage. At the end he was very hot, had very rosy cheeks, and was pooped. He also had a huge grin on his face and loved it.

Here are some pictures:

All geared up and ready

Ferocious face

Two beautiful spectators.

Making sure we were still watching.

Doing a drill

Another drill

Water break.

One tired boy