Mini Yikes

Where are the police when you really need them though? On Christmas day we saw the speed trap. When we returned from Nanaimo it was much later at night, and very dark.

We took our time getting home, and on the final highway stretch we were glad to be home. Until I looked over at the mini van that just merged onto the highway just south of Thetis Lake. The van had a couple kids in it, yet the driver was using both hands to text! Yikes. I wanted nothing more than to get away from that van.

It was so obvious at night too since their whole cell phone and slideout keyboard were lit up.

Police Trap

I saw something interesting, funny, and awesome on our drive to Nanaimo on Christmas. As we were pulling out of Victoria we saw a police car parked at the side of the highway. Figuring a speedtrap I checked the speedo and I was fine.

As we passed the car, Sox and I were baffled when we saw noone in it. The car just parked there sure made everyone slow down.

A little ways down the highway there was another police car parked in the middle median that was also empty. A third one was by the Costco exit in Langford, also empty.

Figuring the next one we see will be the actual speed trap I made sure I wasn’t speeding. We got out to Goldstream and hadn’t seen any other police cars.

Just North of Goldstream in the Southbound lanes is where we saw the trap. There was one police car, yet at least four officers. There was also at least a half dozen cars pulled over getting tickets. All on Christmas day.

Maybe they were getting warnings? I can just see the police driving out parking their cars strategically, then car pooling in the last cruiser out to Goldstream.