Foreign Whipping

Driving is a dangerous activity. As such people should watch what they are doing when driving. I know I do.

I am even more vigilant when I am in a foreign city. I just don’t know what traffic is like, I don’t know the streets, and I don’t know the intersections.

On my way to work today I nearly shmucked a lady as she rounded a corner from Douglas onto Saanich. I had the green light on the cross traffic, so I drove through the intersection. I am watching this lady come whipping though through the field sign, and I am approaching. I slow, then realize she isn’t stopping, so I jam on the brakes, and lay on the horn. She swerves right (almost hitting the curb), then hits the gas. As she hightails it out of the area, I notice that she has Oregon plates. Sheesh. Welcome to tourist season!