Plastic Firefighter

What a weekend. Pretty busy, but fun.

Friday Sue and I went to Silver City to see Finding Nemo. After seeing how busy it was, we decided to pass, and instead rent a movie. We headed off to Cinema Star Video. We decided on The Recruit ( Colin Farrell and Al Pacino ). They had VHS in, and these empty plastic DVD containers with The Recruit labels on them. I assumed this meant you take the plastic thing to the front counter, and they will put the movie in it. Nope. You need the fancy case to get the DVD. What???? Then what are these things for ??? We ended up getting the movie from BlockBuster. It was an excellent movie by the way. Definitely rent it if you like spy movies.

Saturday I picked up my new bike (announcement coming soon), went for a short spin, got come groceries, then headed off to a BBQ to celebrate a couple birthdays (Jason’s, and Sue’s). Lots of fun was had out at Centennial Park.

Sunday Sue and Karen ran the Firefighters 10 km Trail Run. She did a great time (according to me), and I was exhausted just watching these people. We stayed for the draw prizes. Sue drew a blank, but Karen won a gift certificate to 5th St Bar and Grill. Mmmm, I love that restaurant.

Sunday afternoon was a relaxing one. Sue napped, I played video games, and worked on this site. Then to cap off a fun weekend, Sue, Krista and I went out to Maude Hunters for dinner. Yumm, good burgers.

This week coming up is a busy one. Loads of things to do every night. Who needs sleep anyway?